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Instructions (66%)  (2008)


Response  (2008)

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Remix  (2008)

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Relay (2008)

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Recall (2009)


Instructions 5 March 2009

1/. Drizzle a large quantity of paint over the canvas.  Before it dries use a long flat object to carefully drag the paint across the canvas from one side to the other.  

2/. Divide the canvas into 3 different areas.

3/. Repeat instruction (1) using a different colour and drag the paint in another direction.

4/. Mask 3 separate areas and thickly paint in 3 different colours. Before the paint dries, use a cloth or paper and press into the paint to remove some of the density. Remove tape.

5/. Mask 3 separate areas that partially overlap the areas painted in (4) and thickly paint with white. Before the paint dries, use a cloth or paper and press into the paint to remove some of the density. Remove tape.

6/. Mask 3 separate areas that partially overlap areas painted in (4) & (5) and paint red. Remove tape.

7/. Using masking tape paint 4 lines running in 4 different directions across the canvas. 

8/. Paint 4 lines across the canvas in 4 different directions. Tilt the canvas to create as many drips as possible.

9/. Repeat instructions (1) to (5).

10/. Paint something to partially divide the painting into 2 using green.

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Instructions 31 March 2009

1/. Put 7 dollops of yellow paint on the canvas and drag them across the canvas.

Repeat step 1, 3 more times using different colours placing the new dollops next to the previous marks. When dragging these partially cover the other dragged marks.

2/. Quickly paint around a number of circular objects. Before the paint has dried spray or dampen down the canvas to make the shapes bleed slightly.

3/. Within the painting paint a series of thin maroon lines which connect to make a basic web.

4/. Apply a wash of colour over some or all of the areas created in point 3.

5/. Paint an area around the edge of the canvas, use the edges of elements already painted to dictate this visual frame. Use the most disgusting colour you are able to mix.

6/. Fill an area already created close to the centre of the painting with the second most disgusting colour you are able to mix.

7/. Draw 10 straight thin lines connecting point 6 to point 5.

8/. Mask 3 areas created by point 7 and carefully paint deep yellow.

9/. Take the shapes painted in point 8 and repaint them over point 8 but

mis-register them massively. Paint these light grey, green and red.

10/. Paint 8 thin hard edged stripes in pairs from the centre of point 6 to the outer edge of the painting in salmon pink and lemon yellow. Make each pair of stripes touch a different edge of the painting. However make 1 of these stripes a different colour.

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Instructions March 2009

1/  Choose a spray can and choose a colour relating to the can colour. Paint the canvas in your chosen colour leaving a very small section unpainted.

2/  Take the spray can and spray an irregular dusting of paint.

3/  Paint a very wide band across the canvas from one edge to another.

4/   Mask 5 large circles. Using a dry brush paint a warm grey colour across the canvas. DO NOT REMOVE TAPE.

5/  Mask 3 vertical lines down one side of the canvas and on this same side paint a wide band from the end of the band painted in point 3 to the bottom edge of the canvas. REMOVE ONLY 1 OF THE MASKED VERTICAL LINES.

6/  Paint 7 lines diagonally from top right to the centre of the canvas using masking tape only on the long edges. Start with the top line allowing each consecutive line below it to bleed into previous one. Make each consecutive line lighter in tone but similar in colour. 

7/  Remove all tape.

8/  Add spots in a different colour somewhere in each of the circles and in the unpainted section of canvas left blank in point 1. Before the spots have dried rub the paint moving it beyond the edges of the circles.

9/  Print in green and pink a pattern over the whole canvas vaguely resembling a leopard spot design. Allow one part of the pattern to be made up of the painting behind. 

10/  Paint straight orange lines following the most direct path along the green and pink pattern from top left to bottom right.

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Autocatalytic Diagnostics (Instructions) (2014)

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Autocorrect Fold (Instructions) 2014

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