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New forms assemble as ricochets deviate laterally from impacted paint stacks. Smothered in slimy paint the volatile architecture ripples then fractures and splays across lurid gloss surfaces. Peels of paint reveal expanses of engineered iridescence. Stretched gloss scales layer in repetition, then invert until gestural machine structure accumulates alternating contrast. Autocatalytic velocities default to infinite variation as aerosol dispensers punctuate chromatic junk. The spoilt paint unravels or congeals then disperses across finely calibrated terrain threaded through the faceted surfaces of acrylic wreckage. 

Partially obliterated by inaccuracy and programmed errors, multiple painterly procedures navigate the bulk math dirty systems, the misaligned geometries saturated in arbitrary colour.

Focused high fidelity tech noir blends with high resolution synthetic content. Paused paintings, decomposed paintings and on off paintings converge. A modern compression. An accretion of complexity and possibility. Amplified and endless.


playpaint make paintings to make paintings. 


Painting is a combinatory and blending system modified and diversified by edition. 


The development of each painting is underpinned by pragmatism. Initially each painting requires a novel or adapted technical procedure. This is either invented or modified from an alternative procedure, or discovered by trial and error, but is necessarily limited to an approximately predictable outcome. There is a balance, or trade off, between the degree in complexity of the procedure and a plausible anticipation of the results, but this is always weighted in favour of the final outcome. A painting fails if the outcome fails regardless of the success of the procedure. Whereas an outcome which is surprising is always allowed so long as the outcome is a success. A procedure that is disappointing, yet yields the anticipation of a successful outcome, can be modified or improvised. Cheating and short cuts are ok providing the final outcome is a success. Unsuccessful paintings can be developed as hybrids, reclaimed towards new paintings. Successful paintings can be repeated in combination with unique, reclaimed or reenacted paintings. Any number of these variations, in any arrangement, can be combined to make new paintings. And each characteristic of a painting can be isolated as a component, which can then be repeated or bolted together with any other component in any combination. Progress can be improvised or programmed, but the concern here is with the breakthrough of exponential potential and ceaseless novelty culminating in the most compelling outcome.



playpaint was formed in 2008 as a collaboration between Michael Gittings and Damian Nelson. Damian left the project in 2015.